fork spoon western knife ceramic handle

fork spoon western knife ceramic handle

Product Details

        Today, ceramic tools are popular in Europe, America, Japan and Korea, the choice of quality life, For the elite who enjoy quality life, ceramic knives will be the best choice.

        The ceramic knife has been popular in many consumers in the market, and it is already an indispensable kitchen item for every family.

        Our set of fork spoon Western knife, with ceramic handle, beautiful design, generous, and comfortable to the touch, suitable for table use, sharp edge, easy to cut food, The fork is easy to use, it is good for fork food, and the spoon is beautiful.

        The handle of this product adopts blue-and-white porcelain technology, which makes the whole practical and beautiful.

        This is one of our company's products. Our company is engaged in ceramic products, in addition to the usual food products, including factory operations, such as The film slitting blade is used for the segmentation of the film product. This blade is sharp and can cut the film quickly.

         Visible pottery products are used in a wide range of applications, full of all aspects of our lives.

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