Color knife

Color knife

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        The emergence of ceramic knives is a revolution in the tool industry.

        This new product is currently a popular cutting tool. We are a ceramic knife manufacturer. Today we will take a look at our current ceramic three-hole blade:

        1, care for healthy growth of infants and young children

< p="">         Infants and young children with weak stomach and poor body resistance, when feeding fruits, vegetables and meat should try to avoid contact with bacteria, so as not to cause physical discomfort.

        2, never sharpen the knife, lasting sharp

The relatively soft metal knife such as stainless steel will have sharpness after using it for a while. Declined, passivated phenomenon. Ceramic knives are different, no need to polish, and last as new.

        3, Lock food nutrition

        When using ceramic knives to cut meat slices, we It will be surprising to find that the gravy does not flow out. This is because the ceramic knife is thin and sharp, so it does not compress the texture of the meat during the cutting process, and preserves the nutrients of the food intact. We use it to cut fruit-rich fruits more effectively, which allows us to enjoy nutritious and delicious food every day.

        4, Antioxidant, not odorous

        When cutting food with a metal knife, some Food is prone to oxidation, which will greatly damage the original taste of the food. Ceramic knives do not chemically react with any food, maintaining the original flavor of the food, allowing you to fully experience the enjoyment of food.

        5, Environmental Health

        Ceramic knives are resistant to various acids and alkalis, not to It will be corroded by acids and oils in fruits and vegetables. It is non-toxic, non-polluting, non-oxidizing and non-corrosive. It is an ideal environmentally friendly and healthy tool. No matter what you use to cut, there will be no taste of food left on the knife, and it will not be odorous. This is an unparalleled advantage of other tools!