Big Artist Blade

Big Artist Blade

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        In the art industry, a tool is generally used as a utility knife.

        The utility knife is also commonly known as a knife or a wallpaper knife. It is mainly used to cut things with soft texture, mostly composed of two parts: a plastic handle and a blade. Pull structure. There are also a few metal shanks, the blades are mostly slanted, and the scribe line is broken with a blunt smear, and a new blade appears, which is convenient to use. The utility knife is available in a variety of sizes.

        The utility knife usually only uses the tip of the knife when it is used normally. Cutting, carving, and punching are the main functions. Because the blade is very brittle, it cannot be extended too long when used. The hardness and durability of the blade are also different because of the different texture of the blade. The choice of the handle should also be selected according to the hand shape, and the grip gesture is usually described behind the package.

        In the past, the main material of the utility knife was iron. Once it was wet, the water was easily rusted. This is a major drawback. At present, the ceramic art blade has changed in time. This status quo, slowly began to swept the market.