Textile Blade

Textile Blade

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        Since ancient times, there has been a good story, male farming and weaving, it is obvious Revealed the importance of textiles.

        Textile is divided into two steps of "spinning" and "weaving". The textile accessories used in each step are also various.

        The original hand-made textile production has experienced a long historical evolution, and the prime mover parts, transmission parts and working parts have appeared in various regions. Partially composed of hand-woven machines, such as hand-spinning wheels, brakes, pedal looms, etc. Although the original textile tool spinning and original waist machine continue to be used in some areas, due to the matching of manual textile machines, advanced areas have entered the historical period of manual machine textile. Hand-woven textile machines are gradually improved through dissemination and communication. Finally, with the development of more complete working machines, technical conditions have been prepared for the transition to centralized industrial power production.

        At present, textiles have been industrialized, so most of them use machine manufacturing. We will use: ceramic sewing blades, crochet ceramic pipe needles and other tools.