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Characteristics of ceramic slitting blades
- 2019-08-20-

     Ceramic Knives The hardness is extremely high, second only to the hardest substance in the world - diamond, so as long as it does not fall to the ground when used, no external impact, no smashing or cutting, normal In the case of use, there is no need to sharpen the knife permanently.

     Ceramic knives are suitable for non-hard foods such as frozen meat, vegetables, fruit pulp, sashimi, meat, seafood, shell-free shellfish, etc. However, ceramic knives are not suitable for cooking foods that need to be cut and smashed, such as bones, coarse fish thorns, etc.

     Traditional metal-casting knives have a lot of pores on the surface, so there is a soup residue in the pores when cooking ingredients, and a metal cutter when cooking ingredients. There will be trace amounts of metal elements to form an odor or a metallic taste. The density of the ceramic knives is quite high, so the surface is free of pores and the ceramic material is developed without odor or metallic taste.

     Although the manufacturing process has been greatly improved, ceramic knives can withstand certain impacts, but care must be taken when using them to prevent sharp and thin edges from cracking. . The sharpness of the ceramic knife is also more than ten times that of the steel knife. It is very sharp, and it is necessary to pay attention to safety when using it, especially to keep away from children.

        At present, the quality of a ceramic slitting blade produced by our company is of high quality and should be noted in the early selection process:

         1, touch the blade: under the premise of ensuring safety, use fingernails to lightly cut the blade, high-quality ceramic knife will not break, and inferior ceramic knife will not bear a small pressure And cracking occurred.

        2. Try sharpness: Cut the ceramic knife to the paper. The good ceramic knife not only makes the cutting process smooth and easy, but also cuts the paper very fine, but A bad ceramic knife will have a significant blockage, and the cut lines will be rough.

        3, anti-drop: If the ceramic knife is accidentally dropped from the kitchen counter, the high-quality ceramic knife will not break or collapse. Inferior quality is not the case.

       The quality of the ceramic knives is scarce, the mining is difficult, the processing technology of the slab is complicated, the grinding technology is exquisite, and the quality inspection passes. Because its production cost is relatively high, the price is relatively expensive, but "a penny and a share of goods", value for money, trustworthy, and therefore also received the enthusiastic attention of consumers.