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The position of woven bag drawing blade in the production of woven bag
- 2019-08-23-

        Woven bags I believe everyone has seen, also known as snakeskin bags, is a large package A good helper for things.

        A type of plastic bag for packaging. In fact, in detail, you will find that it is composed of many filaments. The filaments here need to use the drawing process. In the process of drawing, you need to use woven bag drawing blade, this blade specifically for woven bags plays a key role in the drawing process of woven bags.

         In daily life, woven bags are commonly used, such as quilts, clothes, and the type, size, and material are differentiated.

        The most common plastic woven bag is the most, it is through the plastic flat wire, the knitting industry referred to as: flat wire, also known as cutting fiber, it is produced The basic material of the plastic braid, the flat yarn is melt-extruded into a film from a specific variety of polypropylene and polyethylene resin, and then longitudinally slit into strips, and the strips are simultaneously heated and drawn and oriented, and finally wound into a flat yarn. Yarn ingot for weaving braids.

        Using the flat wire process, the flat wire process, also known as the yarn making process, it is the first process of plastic braid production, and the most important A process. Including: raw material modification, blending, coloring, filling, compounding, anti-aging, anti-degradation problems, temperature of extrusion process, pressure, flow regulation control and rheological behavior of extrusion process, power consumption, yield problem, Technical problems such as traction ratio, inflation ratio, draft ratio, crystallization cooling, orientation, heat treatment setting problem, forming during winding and quality inspection of spindles.

      ;    flat yarn production process according to the film formation method is divided into two types, tube film and film, according to film cooling after filming, air cooling, water cooling and intercooling, according to the drawing heating method hot plate, heat Roller, hot air, according to the winding of the yarn ingot forming, concentrated cycloid winding, single spindle torque motor winding, magnetic torque winding.

It can be seen that the production process is more complicated.